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Sex: Female

From: Amsterdam, Netherland

Cuisines I love: I love dishes cooked with taste.

Cuisines I Cook: Simple, genuine, Italian doc or Italian-inspired dishes.

Top 5 Dishes I love to eat: pizza!!! indian food! sushi! i just love food!

Top 5 Dishes I cook best: I definitely give my best in preparing Mediterranean dishes! I have a special relationship with tomatoes and basil!


My name is Manu I am Italian and i live (at the moment) in Holland. Food is a constant in everyone's life, or at least it should be, but everyone validates it in their own way. For me, the acts of cooking and eating  are complex acts that blends wisdom, tradition, love and beauty. They take care, time, presence. And they take someone to be shared with, because shared things are more real, they become memories, stories and unite people.  Last but not least, it takes Love, just enough! Love q.b. ! q.b. in Italian recipes, is the way to indicate the quantity of an ingredient equal to one's personal taste. Hence the title of my project, Amore q.b. literally: Love to Taste.  CHECK MY WEBSITE:


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